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What is a Gap Year?

Before Covid, students occasionally took a “Gap Year” off after graduating high school and before beginning college. Gap Year activities might have meant travel, volunteering, or creating an original piece of music or writing. The professional version of Gap Year -- sabbaticals – provide time off to pursue a passion project outside the day to day concerns of work. Some companies even offer a set day of the week for employees to explore novel ideas as a way to promote company innovation.
Covid is changing how we live, work, and study. Perhaps it is time to take a breath and reconsider the Gap Year.
Whether you are delaying going to college, pursuing a hybrid model of online education and in-person learning, or simply wondering what to do beyond staring at screens, MyCovidGapYear is here to help you find a productive path forward and to connect with peers facing similar challenges.
Attending School? You may still feel like you are in a “Gap” Year if you are attending school remotely. Welcome! We are certain you will find useful information here as well.
Taking some time off? So are many of us. Join us in exploring a new path forward!
Feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just bored? Let us inspire you! There are many things we can do when we come together, even if it is virtually.

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A community for connecting and sharing resources and ideas during Covid.

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MyCovidGapYear is your space to share thoughts, ask questions and connect with other students facing similar challenges. Help us build the network!

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Life is pretty complicated right now, but you’re not alone. We really are all in this together. And when people put their heads together, even virtually, great things can happen. Join us on the message boards, post some questions or observations. Start a thread. Get connected.


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