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Building a New Path Forward

Building a New Path Forward

Covid 19’s arrival should not have been a surprise…we have all witnessed our world-changing even before the virus hit. These are challenging times, forcing us to take time out for introspection and healing by literally staying locked indoors. This week the smoke from millions of burning acres on the west coast is drifting into New York, Washington, and even Europe.

But now is not the time for zoning out and staying on the sidelines. We have challenges ahead. Join us in exploring new ways for you to play a role in our shifting educational, economic, scientific and cultural systems. We hope to build optimism and purpose for the future after COVID.

Don’t let me mislead you, we are not talking about utopian fantasies. We need some practical solutions, and that is what we want you to help us develop here on this site. We can do this by sharing information and connecting with one another.

I met Gabriela Lipson several years ago when she was a high school senior applying to college. A perfectionist with excellent grades and the voice of a songbird, she had been flattened by an as-yet-undiagnosed neurological Lyme disease contracted while studying voice in at the prestigious Tanglewood School. Despite suffering intense nerve pain, fatigue, and being misdiagnosed, she was accepted to Pomona College. However, she had to defer beginning college for several years due to her debilitating systems. She has finally been properly diagnosed and is improving, and this week, she began classes at Stanford University.

Imagine all of your friends moving forward in their lives as you are forced to isolate in your room enduring treatments and heart-wrenching physical and mental reactions various treatments. She may be our very own canary in the coal mine. Despite these obstacles, Gabriela found a way to connect with hundreds of thousands of young people around the world through her social media work. She is now on our Advisory Committee and will be sharing her story here.

We need some new ideas for thriving educationally, economically and socially. How do you want to come out the other side? Join us as you figure out how to write your own new chapter of living while we figure out how to get through COVID.
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To the future,

Elizabeth Tesolin

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Building a New Path Forward


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